About us

The company was founded in 1987. Since then, we have always sought to provide advanced and high-quality professional services in our business, so we pay great attention to our clients and have a clear understanding of the issues and issues facing their activities.
And we have been distinguished by the grace of God and his success as a Saudi company brings together professionals with many expertise and skills to provide our customers with innovation and rapid response to be of help to them after God Almighty to receive what makes them always pioneers in the various commercial sectors, God willing.
All our clients, whether they are large or small, or whose activities are still under construction, will benefit from our specialized services and our appropriate prices. This includes auditing, accounting, Zakat and tax consulting, evaluating economic establishments, establishing businesses, accounting systems, judicial reports, financial regulations and consultations. Financial institutions. Our work extends to include our expertise in SAP systems such as SAP, Oracle Oracle as well as other medium systems. We are known in the market as reliable advisors.

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